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Happy National Coffee Day–are you addicted?


Recent data shows that 90% of American adults consume caffeine daily. Caffeine comes in so many forms, naturally like coffee and tea, and chemically enhanced beverages like soft drinks, energy drinks as well as caffeine enhanced water, gum and candy.

Caffeine is such an accepted part of our culture, most people don’t think of it as a drug. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, a stimulant.  It can cause addiction, withdrawal,  and tolerance like other stimulants.

Some common symptoms of caffeine addiction are usually not seen until one goes into the withdrawal stages (anywhere from 8-48 hours after last use).  These can include irritability, fatigue, headache, migraine, and craving caffeine.

Most doctors recommend you titrate yourself off of caffeine, unless you have to quit “cold turkey” for a medical reason.  If you have to, stock up on OTC pain relief and try to do it over a weekend or other 48 hour period in which you don’t work.  Stay hydrated!  That will help.

Healthier Substitutes:




Eat more protein

Lifestyle changes- more sleep, less “blue light” in your room at night, exercise

Nothing is wrong with moderate amounts of  coffee or tea daily.  Be cautious of more man made and chemically altered drinks like soda and energy drinks.  These often have additional ingredients that are more damaging to the body than caffeine.

Cheers! *clinks coffee cups*

***This blog is for information/entertainment purposes only and is
not meant to be a substitute for mental health therapy. If you believe
you are suffering from a mental or physical illness see the
appropriate mental health/medical professional as soon as possible. If
the situation is life threatening dial 911 or proceed to the nearest
emergency room.***


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