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lunatic (adj.) late 13c., “affected with periodic insanity, dependent on the changes of the moon,” from Old French lunatique, lunage “insane,” or directly from Late Latin lunaticus “moon-struck,” from Latin luna “moon” (see Luna). Compare Old English monseoc “lunatic,” literally “moon-sick;” Middle High German lune “humor, temper, mood, whim, fancy” (German Laune), from Latin luna.

This weekend 19-21 September, we had a full moon, as well as the Fall Equinox (21-22).  I also had to do my first commitment, since going into private practice, for a patient who was displaying suicidal and homicidal behavior with a plan. Scary.  I had 2 other patients schedule emergency appointments this weekend as well.  I blamed the moon, jokingly.  In all seriousness though, all three patients had similar themes to their emergencies, and I wanted to address that here.

It is OKAY to have a crying meltdown.  It is OKAY to need a day off for mental health reasons.  It is OKAY to say “no” to someone you love, if you don’t have the time/energy/ability to do what they are asking.  It is NOT Okay to keep neglecting yourself, driving yourself to a nervous breakdown/psychotic breakdown, whatever you want to call it.

As a therapist, I am seeing this trend more and more- people refusing to take care of themselves holistically- body, mind and spirit.  Instead, we pop a pill, drink another energy drink and “push through”.  I know I sound preachy, and trust me, I’m guilty of some of the above.

My recommendations- stop ignoring your red flags. Your body or mind will tell you when you need a break.  When you get that warning- take a break! From as  simple and inexpensive as meditating, snuggling in bed with a book or a movie to as involved as a weekend getaway.  Do what you need to do to stay sane. Learn to say no. People will understand.

***This blog is for information/entertainment purposes only and is
not meant to be a substitute for mental health therapy. If you believe
you are suffering from a mental or physical illness see the
appropriate mental health/medical professional as soon as possible. If
the situation is life threatening dial 911 or proceed to the nearest
emergency room.***


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